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John Wooden Interiors


John Wooden Interiors (JWI) is a full service design firm specializing in high-end residential and commercial interiors.

JWI works across various design styles—the common thread is a clean, well-edited blend of elements always reflecting the client's lifestyle. A JWI interior is defined by the unexpected layering of age, style and provenance, tailored with a modern sensibility.

Valued relationships with superlative vendors, local trades, artisans and custom furniture makers enable JWI to provide discerning service for clients with projects of varied scale and vernacular.

JWI's primary focus is to foster a seamless relationship and collaboration between the firm, the client and the three elements at hand: the architecture, the landscape and the interior. John asserts that, "Respecting these elements ensures a harmonious environment that is unique to each project and classic in its ability to stand the test of time."